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Cord Locks - Maxi

We specialize in any size orders, small quantities are not a problem. Most orders can be shipped within a day. Color mixes are available see chart below for pricing on single color orders.

Maxi Cord Locks
both our 5 standard colors and New 2015
Test Orange and Olive
How to Use:
The cord lock functions by depressing the spring until the oval hole that is 5/16 inch wide by slightly over 1/4 in high holes line up. To use the cord lock insert both ends of the cord into the holes and release, use the tension to adjust your drawstring. (Finally found a use for my husband's vice grip pliers couldn't hold the cord lock and photograph, too.
Maxi Cord Lock
The cord lock is injection molded from a high strength Acetal thermoplastic. It has a 5/8 inch diameter. It is 1-3/8 inch long with a 9/32 inch oval hole.
550 paracord slips easily into both mini on left in dayglo orange and maxi on the right in royal blue.
Black White & Olive Top Row
New Spring No Tag

Red, Royal Blue, Gray and Light Test Orange old style with tag
Note to our customers! The massive stock we had of the old type of spring style gave us time to engineer an improved spring. It has all of the attributes of the old spring plus the advantage of friction fit to hold the spring together, eliminating the fabric tag.

Actual colors may vary slightly, for an exact match, call for a sample. Unfortunately samples are not free as the mail costs more than the parts. Please call or e-mail and we will help develop a sample pack that works for you!

Maxi Color Chard

White maxi with my husband's vice grips

Price: Each Order is Special, please contact us for a quotes and billing. We will send you an online invoice and you may pay with credit card like any online purchase, you may use your paypal account or you may send a check or money order to us. Special pricing is available for old spring style maxi cord locks for quantity purchase.

Number of Maxi Cord Locks
Price Each
Shipping Conditions
Shipping & Handling Cost
1 to 14 single color
1st Class Mail
15 to 20 single color
1st Class Mail
21 to 25 single color
1st Class Mail
26 to 59 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
60 to 99 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
100 to 150 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
151 to 500 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking


501 to 999 single color
To be determined
1,000 to 4,999 single color
To be determined
5,000 to 9,999 single color
To be determined
For orders over 10,000 parts - Contact us for a quote

Prices shown are for any stock single color quantities.

Mixed Color Product packaging is available !

Call or e-mail for availability and pricing !

Terms - Available on approved credit only - Net 30, FOB our plant.






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