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The Sensible Storage System - It stores them together!!!

We have acquired these neat organizational sewing aides.
They are not very economical to ship by them selves, unless you order in bulk,
but we can ship groups of four with most orders for $1.00
with no added shipping and handling.
Quantity Orders are available Contact Us !!
Handi Bob on spool and in front  

Stores your bobbin on spool to match
thread by kind, color and size.

Eliminates "lost" bobbins, mismatched
threads and tangled thread ends.

Fits most spools and bobbins.

Handi Bob on spool and in front with bobbin in it.  
  1. Push Handi-Bob® bobbin holder into spool as you would a thumbtack.
  2. Loop end of spool thread on nearest thread lock arm.
  3. Bobbin snaps into Handi-Bob® bobbin holder for storage: tilts to remove for sewing. Either rotate bobbin in place to store loose thread or use nearest thread lock arm to secure thread end.
  4. Handi-Bob® bobbin holder fits over bobbin spindle - no need to remove while sewing.
  5. To remove from empty spool for reuse. Rotate and lift Handi-Bob® bobbin holder
Handi Bob with varios bobbins   Handi bob with various bobbins
We recently became wholesale distributors
for Handi-Bobs !






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